Known Bugs

description notes fixed
Chapters table in Profile theme doesn't match spectre.css no
Username change changing does not update URL no
Avatar upload cropping does not work 13.10.2020
User menu not working notification and bookmarks not working, issues on mobile devices (can't close) no
User features change acc password, remove acc no
HTTPS not supported use HTTP for developer view, HTTPS for live BETA 06.08.2020
Wordcount not correct HTML special chars are in count 26.05.2020
URL cleanup removed "index.php", changed rewrite rules 01.05.2020
Chapters could have been edited, no matter of user or follow up, as long the link was correct 23.04.2020
Teaser cannot be created or edited 23.04.2020

Feature Requests

date description status
14.10.2020 Comment Function accepted
14.10.2020 Avatar Cropping since v0.2.1
03.10.2020 Bookmark Notification: Moved Notifications to Mail-Queue since v0.2.0
12.08.2020 Bookmark Support since v0.2.0
06.08.2020 Widescreen Support accepted
12.06.2020 E-Mail Functionality Note: working but only partially used from v.0.2+
01.05.2020 Dark mode accepted
01.05.2020 Text-Size selectable by user accepted
20.04.2020 Text-Font selectable by user accepted
01.05.2020 Achievements since v.0.1.3
01.05.2020 Notifications since v.0.1.3
27.05.2020 Search functionality since v.0.1.2
20.04.2020 create tutorial since v.0.1.1
20.04.2020 Rating of chapers since v.0.1.1
20.04.2020 Featurefull Text-Editor since v.0.1.1
20.04.2020 Voice based text input. Note: Voice to Text is already supported on most of the devices as an OS feature rejected


version status
0.2.1 maintained
0.2.0 not maintained
0.1.3 DB active not maintained
0.1.2 not maintained
0.1.1 DB active not maintained

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